Head of Cephalonomia gallicola

Arthropod Identification Service

The Urania Research Centre performs an identification service of insects and mites, pests and/or pathogens, of medical or economic interest. The purpose of this service is to allow private individuals and companies to have a quick response on the health or economic relevance of insects and mites detected in the houses or in the factories. The taxonomic study of the specimens sent to our Centre is  carried out within 24/48 hours and  the result of the identification of the arthropods with observations on their economic or health interest  is communicated by email. The cost of this service is Euro 125.00 (plus VAT) per sample.

Abdomen of Cephalonomia gallicola

Disputes and Litigation

Larvae of Sarcophagidae

This service of identification is particularly useful when it is necessary to understand the origin of food contamination by arthropods and there are disputes in place.  It is often possible to identify the larval stages of flies detected in fresh food and to understand when the contamination occurred. Other times, the examination of infested packs can bring out traces that lead to identify responsibilities in the production or preservation of  food.  Our Centre can help to resolve disputes and to respond scientifically to all questions. The cost of such processing is generally variable from Euro 250.00 (plus VAT) to Euro 500.00 (plus VAT in relation to the difficulty of the examination. We can be contacted  by email ( or at the following phone numbers: mobile : +39- 3342687323 ; office +39-75- 5002426.