Perprin S.r.l.  is a scientific company, founded by Prof. Mario Principato, a researcher at the University of Perugia, working in the field of entomological and acarological research and diagnostics, developing new formulations and methodologies for the defense of confined environments against insects and mites that are pathogenic for humans and pets.

The development of its activities takes place inside the Laboratories of the Urania Research Centre,  in collaborations with dermatologists and private individuals, with Hospitals, national and international companies and consultancy in various areas of the agri-food productive chain.

Perprin S.r.l. deals with the diagnostic service through the Indoor Dust Direct Examination (E.D.P.A.®),  a technique patented by Prof. Mario Principato, made available for anyone through the internet for more than ten years. The same method is applied in the industrial field with E.D.P.A.I.®  for the detection of larval outbreaks of infesting arthropods. A variant of E.D.P.A.® is used for the Scabies-Test, the first examination able to detect the traces of scabies mites in the environmental dusts without coming into contact with the patient. Perprin S.r.l. also offers a service of identification of pathogenic and infesting arthropods in confined environments.

The Perprin S.r.l. applies in particular the E.D.P.A.® to the control of the railway wagons of Trenitalia S.p.A.  Another activity is the development of new insecticidal and acaricidal formulations with low environmental impact, whose formulations are protected by patents or patent applications and proposed to Italian and multinational companies of the sector for their commercialisation.

One of its formulations, developed in the laboratories of the Urania Research Centre, has recently become a product called ALISTAG™, of which Perprin S.r.l. has activated the direct production and marketing (www.alistag.it).